Wander With Us

'If we were meant to stay in one place forever, we'd have roots instead of feet..'

Hey gorgies!

As you may be aware.. Wanderdusk has taken a little break whilst Becky, our founder + designer, travelled around parts of Indonesia! This in part was to source new materials for new Jewels, that you will find popping up on the site over the next week!

It was one night brushing her teeth that she had an almighty epiphany before she left (That she can't BELIEVE she's never had before!)....

We all love to travel right?! Everyone who finds themselves here (like us) probably has a crazy sense of wanderlust and overwhelming urge to run head first towards a new adventure. And then it came to her.. All you amazing girls (& guys!) ordering from all corners of the globe have an absolute treasure trove full of knowledge, unique experiences and little secrets within your skulls that could help a fella out!

So here's what we want to do! We want to pool all your individual stories having connected here, to inspire others bound for new highways.. Wherever you may find yourself you can be a part of this! We are in the greatest position where we are able to chat with you all through social media, and what better way to get sharing your incredible travel tips/hotspots and local guides huh!?

So - whether it's a back street crystal shop you've fallen in love with, a bohemian cafĂ© in the dam, a unique rooftop bar in London, a hidden surf spot in Bali, a cosy beach hang out in the land of oz, a must-visit AirBnB in NY, a zip wire through a rainforest, a quirky little art exhibit or simply the most insane pizza place you've ever come across- GET IN TOUCH!!!

Here's one to start the ball rolling...

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, Scotland, make sure you pay 'CAOBA' a visit, in the little village of Stockbridge! This teeny independent shop stocks a huge array of authentic Mexican + boho homewares, you may have spotted our gorgeous cactus tiles and wooden bull head with us at pop ups! Love to wander?! Walk there like us. We recommend walking from Edinburgh city centre and following the river along toward the Royal Botanic Gardens!

We can't wait to start hearing from you! DM us, #WDWITHUS, or email us at contact@wanderdusk.com , we also plan on pinning our favey travel blogger tips, whilst continuing to share dreamy desto images!